Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School

We kind of started off on the wrong foot. We went to bed nice and early, but Corina must have been stressed out, because she was awake for hours. Finally she climbed in bed with me, and I went to sleep while she stared at the ceiling. Once she was finally asleep, Max came running in crying because he had a bad dream. He climbed in bed with us. Corina woke up again. The three of us were awake for a while together, and then off and on all night each time we kicked or poked somebody. We were pretty tired when we got up this morning. (Which was 5:45, by the way.)

Here are my little cuties just after 7:00 am on their first day of school. Almost time to walk out the door.
This is why we had to leave so early today. The principal asked five of the grade five kids to come early and basically pose as safety patrollers for the media. Of course my awesome kid was chosen. He's going to be in the paper tomorrow! After the fake safety patrolling, they got to help real people cross the street for the first time. Yay!

Corina is in grade one now. That means she goes to school all day long. My little baby! She has Max's grade one teacher, so she feels very comfortable. Corina used to hang around in that class all the time back when she was only two.
They both had a great first day!

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