Sunday, September 23, 2007

Remember this?

My little Corina had another seizure tonight. This was the first one since last December, when we thought the voodoo cured her. Apparently the fix was temporary. If you're one who prays, we would sure appreciate some prayers for Corina. My guess is she's going to have some crappy times ahead.


Sherpa said...

Oh no! Poor little girl. I feel for all three of you.

Urbanfil said...

i pray for Corina to find the strenght and the faith to get better 're a wonderfull mother for your child and your prayers will be heard and fulfill...
I thanks god to have a child in good health...and i pray always to keep the faith in our separate lives...i live this sad situation and keep her always in my heart and my prayers...

For your child Corina

.Notre Père qui es aux cieux,
que ton Nom soit sanctifié,
que ton règne vienne,
que ta volonté soit faite sur la terre comme au ciel.
Donne-nous aujourd'hui notre pain de ce jour.
Pardonne-nous nos offenses,
comme nous pardonnons aussi à ceux qui nous ont offensés.
Et ne nous soumets pas à la tentation,
mais délivre nous du Mal.

Je vous salue, Marie pleine de grâces ;
le Seigneur est avec vous.
Vous êtes bénie entre toutes les femmes et Jésus,
le fruit de vos entrailles, est béni.
Sainte Marie, Mère de Dieu,
priez pour nous pauvres pécheurs,
maintenant et à l'heure de notre mort.

Pace & Respect........Philippe

granolagirl said...

She's such a sweetheart. Poor thing (and poor mom!) Consider her (and you) prayed for!

bestsariah said...

Thanks you guys. Even the guy I don't know.

(So far no seizures yet today, so we're very happy!)

Novel said...

Lord, please place Your loving hands on Corina and keep her seizure free. Let Your will be done, and if Corina is to have seizures, let us figure out what Your purpose is in them. In Christ, Our Saviour's name, Amen.