Saturday, October 20, 2007

Family things

There's something colourful in my living room! Normally I would be against that, but I'm making an exception for a paper chain counting down the days until we fly home for Christmas. Fun!
It was Corina's half-birthday on the 10th. She's already 6½! We get little presents for half-birthdays in our house, and here she is with her new tea set. And with her morning hair. She had only been awake for a couple of minutes.
Corina tried on some dress-up clothes to see if she had something good to wear for the school Halloween party. It's not quite as cool as Cindylocks from Wizard of Oz, but Cinderella is pretty too. Isn't she cute??


Laura said...

I'm just so stunned by the paper chain thing...
You are right about Corina being cute.

Laurie said...

Aww! Prettiest princess ever!!

I'm so glad you guys get to go back home for Christmas. That is really special.