Sunday, October 21, 2007


Last night I had a gross dream. My hair was filled with ladybug-like things called Beeders. They were similar to lice, but they were huge. I went to school and found out everyone in my program was covered in them. We stood in a line and shook our hair, and hundreds of them fell out and scurried across the floor.

After that, I dreamed that when Max got home he was covered head to toe in Pityriasis Rosea, which is a nasty rash.

After that, I dreamed I also was covered in a nasty rash.

And after that, I woke up...and found I was bitten by something in the night four times! Dun Dunn DUNNN!!!!!!!!

So what do you think? Vampires? Beeders? I have no idea what these bites are.


... said...

That's really quite creepy.

...and I don't like that they really are spaced about the same amount apart. What were you doing in your sleep, woman??

Dainon. said...

Lovebites aka hickeys.

Sara said...

They are so not hickeys. I don't let people kiss me!

The marks are still there, and they still hurt. The red streaks are bigger. I look great.

Jason Randall said...

dwarf hickeys. Because dwarves don't kiss. They suck.

Krispy said...


Laura said...

What kind of mascara do you use?

Sara said...

L'Oreal something or other. Do you think it bit me?

Laura said...

There's an idea... but surely it would have left black marks.

PS. You can get hickies without being kissed, Sarrrra.