Friday, October 26, 2007

We're healthy!

A blog written by Corina:

"I had a cough, and it got worse and worse every day, and it got into bronchitis and we went to see the doctor, and I got a puffer and really gross medicine. I kind of like bronchitis, but I only like the the puffer. And I really really don't like my gross medicine. If I get really sick or I stay up too late, then I get seizures more. I've been having seizures a lot lately. That's all."
"Mommy falls asleep too much and they gave her stuff to put on her face.""And the doctor called and said we need mommy to come in right now, and she went in last night, and she had to put stuff on her boobies and cement in her hair and stuff in her nose, and she slept at the place. Mommy wasn't allowed to wear makeup. She wasn't allowed to eat chocolate. The people that were old - they said, 'Oh, she's just a little girl!' when Mommy was walking to her bed. "
(Now that's an attractive picture.)

See the fun we have with our epilepsy? I love epilepsy so much I just want to kiss it and hug it.

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