Saturday, November 03, 2007

Grease and things

Last night we went to Grease. Yay! Our seats were second row centre, so we were just about on the stage. The best part of the whole thing was watching the kids' faces as they watched the show. Mouths hanging open, eyes wide...they were trying to take in everything that was happening. They absolutely loved it. The worst part of the show was the woman sitting beside me who apparently had tuberculosis. Her cough was terrifying. I was leaning so far over in my seat to avoid her that I was almost on top of Max.

Here are the kids waiting for the show to start. Do you wonder how Corina waits? Like this: "How much longer now until it starts? How much longer now? Now how much longer?"
Corina got her fancy new jewelry yesterday. It's her new medic alert bracelet. She can switch the black band for the red one, or for the pink one with butterflies. She decided to start with black because she looks more like a big kid in it. Now if she decides to have a seizure at school, not only will the teachers know what to do, they'll also be shocked that her bracelet is so grown-up looking. I got my new Cookie Party shirt yesterday. It's my Sarah Silverman costume. Here is a link to some Cookie Party for you. Go watch it, or I'm gonna beat the crap smell right out of your anus.


vicky said...

That's so fun that you went to Grease. I love going to plays, it always make me happy and then you think about it for days. Awwwhh.
Thanks again for hanging out with us last week, I really enjoyed it. Sorry I made you guys go out in the wind and Corina feel like crap, I feel like crap for suggesting we go out. Maybe you can come again and we'll stay inside, I promise.

Sara said...

No feeling like crap. You stop.

Jason Randall said...

For whatever reason, I had a vision of Max looking at you going, "Mommy, what's a p****wagon?"

Sara said...

Yeah, there are a few sketchy things in the show. Luckily they were all completely over their heads.