Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween and such.

I try to be a fun mom when I can. Last night we trick or treated for three hours. Three hours! And then we ate candy until we were stuffed, and went to bed quite late. But then this morning Corina woke up for school and puked all over the living room, so maybe next year I should be a little less fun on Halloween.

Here are the kids on one of our healthier days, making a fruit pizza.
It looks so good! I wish we still had fruit in the house. I'm hungry.
Here they are in their costumes for school. Corina actually looks like Cinderella, doesn't she? What a pretty little girl she is. I dressed up in 80's clothes. Unfortunately none of the kids at my practicum school understood what my costume was. I got a lot of, "What are you supposed to be?" One kid even said, "So...are you an alien?" I'll have to go with something a little more obvious when I'm working with kids. I wanted to go as Sarah Silverman, but my Cookie Party t-shirt didn't come in time.

And here are my babies all ready for trick or treating. Corina work something a little warmer than what she wore to school. It was actually a pretty nice night though. Good job, Lethbridge.


... said...

Sorry about the puking and stuff. But, fun!

I love how Max's costume is a *happy* grim reaper. A glad reaper. Hilarious.

And... Corina is pretty as Cinderella OR a flying magical pegasus unicorn.

Kipluck said...

An ALIEN? An Alien who happened to be 20 yars behind this planet? Geez.