Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm home!

I got home at 7:00 pm on Friday. I'm having a hard time typing when I'm on drugs. (I typed the word "typing" like this: dipping.)

Here are the facts. I did not die. I am still deaf. They managed to keep the infection from spreading into my jawbone, which would be Necrotizing External Otitis. That was what we were worried was happening, and that would likely have killed me. So...good news there. I am in a tolerable amount of pain, I am very tired, and I might cry shortly. I am getting better though, and I'm back to see the specialist on Tuesday.

I missed two weeks of school and I still won't be able to go back for a while, but it's okay. Because I'm such a nerd and always do so well at school, they had a meeting about me and decided to make my semester over now, and they're counting my marks as if I completed the semester. That means I'm done. Nothing to worry about except getting better. Those are some nice teachers I have.

Also, if it weren't for Vicky, my kids would have been in foster care or something. Vicky...I love you. You are wonderful!

And now I'm going to go enjoy my drug-induced stupor. Or as I typed it the first time - drir insussed stupor.


Laurie said...

I'm glad you're back home and finally in recovery.

Did they say if they think the deafness will be permanent? I have a friend who became 100% deaf after an ear infection... they're actually really scary, so believe me when I tell you that I've been worried!! I'm SO relieved to hear the good news, and that you're healing up nicely.

Wow, that was so generous of your teachers! Merry Christmas to you!

Dainon. said...

I am very glad you did not die. You might want to include that on the Thank You note you send your doctors.

Simmons Family said...

Wow, Sara. We're glad to hear the good news, too (that you didn't die). We're still praying for all the members of your sweet family.

Your teachers are awesome! Yay for you for being such a nerd!

We love Vicky, too, and we don't even know her! We've been thinking so much about Max and Corina.

Hope you have a full recovery.
We love you guys!

Sherpa said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Wow, that's some crazy infection you have/had. Take care!

Sara said...

I'll be back to see the specialist on Tuesday, but he said he won't know if I'll get my hearing back until...well, until I get it back or don't. What he said was that he's hopeful I'll get at least some back - if that means anything.

Shannon said...

Your ear infection stuff is insane. I really hope you get your hearing back.
Just think, if you have to start wearing a hearing aid, you'll make old people feel cool, because they'll be part of you club or vice versa.

Bobbie said...

So glad you made it past the jaw/life ending part! I'm sure you're happy to be out of the hospital.

That is so great about school, I'm sure that was a lot of weight off your shoulders!

CWE said...

Yes... necrotizing ANYTHING really doesn't sound pleasant. I'm really glad you didn't die. And I'm glad that your teachers seem to love you as much as the rest of us do. :)

Daisy Paige said...

Holy toledo, Sara. That infection sounds so scary. I'm relieved they treated it before it became life-threatening.

Kudos to Vicky! I was wondering about your kiddies and who was caring for them while you were admitted. Glad she was there for you.

And kudos to you for being such a good student! You probably had no idea your hard work would pay off in more ways than just earning good marks.

BeQui said...

I need to work on keeping up on your blog because I'm reading this a week after it happened so I didn't even get a chance to pray for you! But I'll pray thanks that you're getting better.

Necrotizing sounds like it would involve a lot of needles, so I'm so glad you didn't get that far infected.