Friday, December 07, 2007

Corina's Skating Field Trip

She doesn't actually know how to skate, but that doesn't keep her from having fun.
(How do you spell "pileon"? Pilon, pile-on...the construction things. Is that a Canadian word? I have no idea.)
Anyway, give Corina one of those, and she'll skate all over the place. And look how brave she is to try without the...pyleawn. Hehe.


Jesse Harris said...

The word you're looking for is "pylon". I only know that because I'm a video game nerd that played too much Starcraft.

Anonymous said...

not a canadian word :-)

Aren't Canadians born ice skating? J/K.
Corina is doing a great job, & she looks like she's having fun, which is the most important part!

deidra said...

ditto to what everyone else said.

Bobbie said...

SHe looks SO CUTE. Very brave to let go of the cone.