Friday, December 21, 2007

How we got here.

The first two flights out of Calgary were cancelled, so we're really just happy our flight took off at all. I'm not really complaining here. I'm just telling a neat story.

We spent almost six hours at the airport before we finally could take off. Our plane was stuck in Toronto, so we had to wait until it could get all the way to Calgary for us. Max was lucky to have his iPod and Gameboy with him, so that kept him entertained for a while. He also played video games in the arcade and read a book with me.

Corina spent at least two hours in this:
Our flight was pretty much fine, but when we got to the London airport, no one was there to pick us up! My ride couldn't even get off his street because it was so snowed in. We waited outside with about 20 other people for a cab to come, but because of the weather it took about 45 minutes. I was the only one with kids though, so I took the cab when it came. Sucks to be you, old people.

The cab got us within a few blocks of our destination, but that's as far as he could go. The roads were insane. We got out of the cab to walk the rest of the way, and when I was trying to get the suitcases out, I fell. I fell really hard! Look at this:

That's my hip. It hurts a lot.

Anyway, we then had to walk many blocks through knee-deep snow while pulling 5 suitcases at 1:00 am, while I nearly cried because I hurt my hip and my knee and my wrist and my shoulder. We got here though, and we're having a great time visiting with everybody. We're so busy running here and there that we're going to need a vacation when we get home from this vacation.


Lesley said...

From what they said, the storm this year wasn't as bad as it was last year. I had relatives driving out in the storm on Sunday in both directions, one set to Windsor, one set to Toronto and man oh man was it bad. Monday morning I had to delay my travel back to Windsor because of the storm. Glad you arrived safely though. Just in time for the snow to melt away!

granolagirl said...

Sounds, eh, fun... Kids really can come in handy when you need people to let you go first or something. Suckers!

Shannon said...

"I nearly cried because I hurt my hip and my knee and my wrist and my shoulder."
Who's old?

Sara said...

Horrible person! Did you see my bruise??

Jason Randall said...

(cat calls)


Dainon. said...

More hips, please.

I mean ... that sucks. I am glad you made it, though. I was hoping really hard that you might.

Dainon. said...

In retrospect, I should have said, "Your hips don't lie." That would have been funnier.