Friday, February 29, 2008

LOST! And time travel!

I have an intense love for time manipulation. I love anything that has to do with time manipulation in any way. Even more, I love people who can teach me how to manipulate time. (If you can, then please do.) I realize that is usually a guy's interest, but I've never claimed to be typically feminine.

The world knows of my love for Lost. It's at least as great as my love of teleporting and time traveling and stopping time and slowing time and all the rest. There are not words to describe my feelings about last night's episode. You combine my two greatest loves and I just about have an an Eloise aneurysm. My nose is bleeding!

Here's something. Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sawyer were all with the Others when Desmond turned the key, releasing the electromagnetic charge. Sayid was over that way too, wasn't he? I think he was there at that time. They wouldn't have been affected by the charge in the same was as the people on the beach who were nearly hit with the door of the hatch. That means those five can get off the island, because they haven't had the exposure that leads to problems with time. Desmond of course had huge exposure, and Daniel had all that radiation in his experiments in 1996. So probably that's why Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Hurley were able to get off the island. Sawyer is probably one of the other Oceanic 6, unless he decided not to leave. The rest of the people can't leave the island unless they have a constant, or they'll end up with their brains exploding as well. Right? RIGHT?

I'm not sure any of you care about this, but I do. I really really do.


Lesley said...

Oh dude, last night's episode was AWESOME! In so many ways. I was all "what the hell?" throughout and then I had a dream I was on an island and could time travel but not off the island, just to build a boat to get off the island and there were these weird alien people many more hours until I get back to Windsor to rewatch the episode on my PVR???? TOO MANY!

CarrieAnne said...

I don't get it....maybe I'll have to start watching it?

Bethany said...

Sawyer is not one of the Oceanic 6. Sun and Jin are the others (who were also on the other side of the island with Sayid when the electromagnetic thing happened)!

I think you may be on to something.

The only problem is... baby Aaron was with his mommy and almost hit by the Quarantine hatch door, so why was he able to leave? Would he be too young to have it affect his mind?

Sara said...

I've read that same list about the Oceanic 6. So far they've been right, so they'll probably continue to be right. I imagine Sawyer chose not to go because he'd just go to jail anyway. But it does explain why those 6 are off and the others had to stay, which is the thing that was driving me crazy.

I also wondered about Aaron. I have no idea why he would be okay to leave. I haven't figured that part out yet, but I plan to!

That was a nice little diversion from the positive behaviour support project I've been working on ALL DAY. Meh.

Mike said...

But didn't that dude in the sick bay - the communications guy get his brain fried too? He wasn't anywhere near the blast. He and his buddy just went toward the island on a boat.

I think the magic turtle has something to do with it.

Sara said...

Yeah, but we don't know how much radiation Minkowski has been exposed to in his life, or electromagnetic charges. Faraday's exposure was during all his experiments. Maybe Minkowski had lots of exposure in his life too.