Monday, March 31, 2008

Max's Random Thought of the Day

"I don't like school. I don't see the point. I wish we could just come with the knowledge."
I hear you, Max. I HEAR YOU!

He may not like going to school, but the kid loves to read. Since Saturday he has read 4 books, and just started the 5th tonight. Those are chapter books. He flies through them! What a little smartie.


Bethany said...

Reading is awesome! Yay Max!

The fact that I can no longer anonymously blog-stalk you... not so awesome.

Sara said...

Actually, you never could anonymously blog-stalk me. I've always had one of those tracker things on my blog, but now it's visible to everyone.

Lesley said...

Tell him he's lucky he never had to have Mr. Getty teach him science. Because that was a "man I wish we came equipped with knowledge already" moment, I don't know what is.

Oh and writing the independent studies in High School.

Oh and Algebra/Geometry OAC.

And any essay course in university.

Sara said...

Mr Getty...I never had him either, but all the big kids in my family did. I know what I missed, and I'm very happy to have missed it.