Saturday, April 05, 2008

Corina's 7th Birthday Party

We had my pretty little Corina's 7th birthday party today. It was all High School Musical. If you think little girls can ever get too much HSM, then you are WRONG. Corina dressed as Sharpay for her party. I think she did a good job getting an outfit together all on her own!

Here's the real Sharpay, in case you don't have little girls in your house who constantly play the movie for you. See? Corina looks like her!
I made a cheap HSM cake with pictures taped to straws. I'm awesome.
Here's Corina opening her Gabriella HSM doll from Christina. You can kind of tell she likes it.
Cake time!

So that's that. Corina will be 7 on Thursday. And really, that breaks my heart. My kids are growing up too fast.


JLM said...

The pictures and straws might be a little ghetto but the flowers and stuff look great. You did an awesome job on that cake!

Laurie said...

What a perfect theme/party! I'm sure she'll remember it for decades to come.

Mike said...

We make Hailey go to her dad's to watch HSM.

Glad Corina enjoyed the party though.

bequi said...

Max is a good kid to hang out with a bunch of little girls to video tape his little sister's party.

Sara said...

Yep he is! He was a great helper.