Saturday, April 12, 2008

Max at Robofest

Max was chosen to be on the robotics team at school. They met every day at lunch and after school as well, so it was pretty intense stuff. They had to build and then program a robot to go into a simulated mine and rescue trapped miners. (Also simulated, durr.) It was extremely hard work. What made it even harder was their coach wasn't allowed to help or even give suggestions. They had to do it all themselves.

Here are Max and two of his team members just before the competition, making sure everything is programmed correctly.
Here's the team at the mine, just about to rescue the miners.
The kids came in 4th place overall, which is SUPER because they were the only elementary school kids there! All the other teams were middle school and high school kids. Can you imagine? CAN YOU??? I'm awfully proud of Max.
I added some videos of this to my Facebook. Maybe I'll add them to my blog later if Blogger decides to cooperate.

And finally, here's cute Corina entertaining herself while the big kids competed.


deidra said...

Your kids are totally awesome.

Shannon said...

Congratulations Max! That is really cool stuff. Kids are so stinkin smart these days!
Max would like the Amatrol class that they have at Tryston's school. Apparently they are only the first or second jr. high school in the country to offer it, but it's all robotics stuff too.

Daisy Paige said...

Do you offer parenting lessons? Your kids got some great brains and awesome personalities. What's the trick?

Sara said...

I don't offer lessons, but I should. I have made some awesome children!

Laurie said...

Sweet! A future engineer!

Excellent, Max!

Kipluck said...

Awesome! We had our kids do Aquabots last year at robotics day camp at work, and this year we will be doing the mine as well. Those kids are so dang smart. I am always amazed.