Friday, April 04, 2008

Our April Fools Day

Max switched the cereal around in the cereal boxes and confused the heck out of Corina. I set the kids’ clocks one hour ahead and then woke them up (at the usual time) all in a panic and pretended we had slept in, which we never ever do. That one was fun. Corina tried, unsuccessfully, to convince Max he had gone gray overnight. And then I played my great joke on the kids.

I weighted down their lunch bags with ice packs, but no food. We’re all at the same school this semester, so my plan was to have them look in their lunches, get freaked out, and then I’d come along with the great news that I’m taking them to McDonald's. Yay! I’m such a fun, cool mom! Grade one kids get out for lunch earlier than everyone else, so I put a note in Corina’s lunch that said this:

You have no lunch! April Fools!
Just kidding. Don’t worry. Just drink your milk and I’ll be there in half an hour with a good surprise

When I got out for lunch I went to get Max, who was standing around with his friends wondering what to do about the eating. He didn’t get a note with a “don’t worry” at the end. He thought it was pretty funny though. I told him about McDonald’s, and then we went to get Corina. When I got in her lunch room, the leader said, “I’ve been trying to comfort her”. Weird, right? I thought maybe she had gotten hurt. No…she had been sobbing for half an hour because her fun, cool mom didn’t pack her a lunch and by the time she got to the “just kidding” part of the note she was already crying so it was too late to stop, because her mom is so cruel and left her to STARVE TO DEATH!

I am such a great mom sometimes.


bequi said...

I think I should have done the alarm clock thing to Anthony. Next time... He's getting it big time.

Dainon. said...

Laughing so hard she was crying, yes? You'll toughen her sensitivity soon enough. Just give it another decade or so.

Laurie said...

You are a very clever woman. I'm impressed! At that age, though, I'm sure McDonald's fixed everything, right?

Sherpa said...

Okay, that's awesome. Poor lil' girl though.