Friday, April 04, 2008

What a wonderful day. (Because of New Kids on the Block, of course.)

I like this, from an interview with Donnie:
Now that the five Kids are standing together and planning to hit the road with a new show, simply reviving the old hits isn’t enough. “No, I want this to be redemption — but not for us,” Wahlberg explains. “I want it to be redemption for the fans. I want them to feel entertained, to feel treated to something special. And I want them to be so satisfied by what they get that they’ll realize they weren’t crazy all those years ago — that they put their heart into the right place back then and that it was worth the wait to come back again.”


Jillian said...

I wonder how my boss would take my calling in sick to go see the New Kids in New York.

I think it could be considered a religious holiday for me. That's totally valid.

Lesley said...

I thought it was hilarious to see all those overweight "mom"s in the rain holding those gigantic buttons they used to sell. And dude, did you see Jon turning eight shades of red and getting all twitchy??? They must be desperate for money if they dragged him out of his anxiety hole. Poor guy. Jordan has gotten even more annoying with age. But maybe it's just me. Sigh...I think I'll go and watch my Band of Brothers DVD's with Donnie just to make me feel older than 13 again!!!

Sara said...

I did notice Jon wasn't looking so comfortable, but apparently when the cameras weren't rolling he was the one out there with the fans the most. He made sure to shake hands with all of them, and made quite an impression. He must have worked hard to get over his panic disorder.

But still, it's all about Donnie for me. Donnie Donnie Donnie.

Daisy Paige said...

I turned on the TV while I was feeding Grayson that morning and thought about you during the entire NKOTB segment. I kept thinking, "I wonder if they have Today in Canada."