Thursday, May 01, 2008

Corina the Brave

Corina had her first singing lesson tonight and she was so adorable I almost cried! She had been feeling very nervous about singing in front of someone she didn't know. We went into the little tiny room with her teacher, and right off the teacher asked her to just start singing so she could hear her voice. Corina's face went redder than red, and she got her "I'm going to bawl right now" face on. She looked absolutely terrified. I was sure she was going to cry and want to go home. I sat beside her and held her hand, and then she started singing through the fear. I was SO proud of her! By the end of the lesson she was sitting on the piano bench with the teacher, singing her favourite High School Musical songs. She did a great job.

Afterward when we were walking to the car, Corina said that her armpits were sweaty. And then my tiny little 7 year old, only in grade one, lifted up her arms to reveal MASSIVE pit stains. What the heck?? I didn't even know that could happen to someone so young. But that just goes to show how huge her fear was, and then how very brave she was to push past the fear and start singing.

Yay sweaty Corina!!!
(PS...her sweat smelled sweet as candy.)

On a completely different topic, here is a funny video about what it would be like to live Facebook-type lives in reality.


Dainon. said...

Sweaty Corina rules.

bequi said...

I love her.