Saturday, May 03, 2008

It's spring, and that means we can ride bikes!

Yesterday I got a new bike that I love love love. Look how adorable it is!

The kids and I went for a bike ride around the neighborhood this morning. Corina is still getting the hang of riding her bike. She learned last summer, but today was only the second time she's been on it this year, so she has to get more confident yet. There were a few tears, but she did pretty well.
There's my handsome Max on his very cool BMX.
PS - I love my new bike.


brent said...

Hooray for spring!

Corina, you'll get the hang of it. And then you'll love it.

Sara, I am really proud of the helmet-wearing that goes on in your family. You are such a great mom. I hope, though, that fanny-pack-wearing is kept to a minimum.

Shannon said...

Cool bike!
New car, new haircut, new job, new bike, what the heck is next? New house?

Sherpa said...

I love that you have the same expression in both pictures.

Sara said...

Yeah, I have been called Safety Sara quite a few times. I'm not one for risk taking.

Shannon, I know! My life is so brand new that I don't even recognize it anymore. But I love it. It's sweet.

Sherpa, I was a little embarrassed about having the same expression on my face in the pictures, but I suppose it's my happy face so it's a good thing.

Sherpa said...

I think its cool. That's just your happy bike face. I've been told I look really happy when I'm riding my bike too.

Love your bike by the way. I've got a little bike envy.

Laura said...

Check you out! I'm loving the happy pictures of you and the kids. I salute you for being such a good example - did you read the story about me getting run over by an old woman on a bike who wasn't wearing her helmet?

Sara said...

I didn't, but I think I will!