Friday, May 16, 2008

NKOTB on Today Show

Do you know what makes me cry more than Lost? How about a New Kids reunion? Holy smokes. I'm a total baby. "Danny, Danny, Danny....this music I hear...just brings many memories for me!" (Only the huge fans will even know what I'm talking about, but they SO KNOW.) Seriously, so much emotion.

If you wondered, YES I hate the half naked female dancers on stage with them. What the hell is that? Know your audience! New Kids fans really do not want to see that.

Today they announced some more tour dates. They're coming to Salt Lake and to Edmonton. Salt Lake is a 12 hour drive and Edmonton is 5, but one is south of here and the other is north. I would have to drive 17 hours to get from the Salt Lake show to the Edmonton show. And it will be November, so it could be a total blizzard. I might only be able to go to the Edmonton show, which is totally not enough. I don't understand why they wouldn't play Calgary. That would make so much more sense. I just hope they add even more dates. It's not looking like they're going to though.

What a day. So much emotion! All the (unhealthy and obsessive) feelings came back while watching their performance. Please let me not turn crazy.


chartie said...

"Please let me not turn crazy."

I think we may be a little too late for that already. ;) I thought you were obsessed with LOST until this whole NKOTB reunion happened. Now I know what true obsession is.

CWE said...

I really think you should come to SL. Because I secretly (and now not-so-secretly) want to go, but I'd feel silly going by myself. I just watched that and seriously felt like a junior high school girl again.

Sara said...

I want to go to both. In fact, I want to fly home and go to the Toronto shows, the Detroit show, the Boston, New York, Chicago...seriously, if I went back home I could go to almost every show on the tour. I'm just trying really hard to be normal and not lose my job. It's hard.