Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some more about the job search

Today I had those three interviews, and I must say...I am awesome. I felt very nervous, but somehow I managed to appear very calm, confident, and knowledgeable. I answered every question perfectly. I was asked a ton of scenario questions, and it felt as though I had my text book in front of me. I knew exactly how to answer everything! (Maybe that's because I prayed that I would remember everything I had learned in school and would be able to answer the questions properly. Hmm.)

So anyway, there were a total of 39 positions I applied for. I had to rank them in order of preference. Tonight the principal for the #1 ranked job called and offered me the position! I told her I'm going to finish my other interviews before I make a decision. (They know people are going to say that if they have more interviews with the board lined up. I didn't blow my chances or anything.) It felt weird not to accept the one I wanted most, but I could find out something in one of the other interviews that would make me change my order of preference. The one interview I have on Friday could possibly move to #1 if I find out some more good things about it.

So anyway, the GREAT news is that no matter what, I have a full time job for the next school year. Happy happy!


CWE said...

Hooray! That is awesome news.

Bethany said...

Yay for you!

David says, "Happy! Happy!" for you, too.

bequi said...

YEAH!!!!! What would the job be, exactly?

Sara said...

Well, there are 3 jobs I'm considering. By the end of the day I have to make a decision. One is in a spec ed room, one is in a grade 3 room working with students who have FASD, and one is with a student who has severe autism and no speech. That one is the hardest job by far. I don't know what one to pick!