Saturday, May 31, 2008

There were no bike helmets when I was a kid.

Guess which little boy got a concussion tonight? Or I guess that would be last night now. Poor Max. About a minute before I was going to get him to come in for the night, he fell off his friend's bike and landed right on his forehead. Thankfully he was wearing his helmet. He was unconscious for a few seconds though, and so off to the hospital we went. He's doing pretty well now except for a good headache. Tomorrow he has to lie down all day. He'll miss Scout Camp, not that he'll mind that at all. Next week he's not allowed to do gym or play soccer at recess. He's really looking forward to telling his friends about it though. He keeps saying, "I have a concussion!" as if it's a prize. Funny boy.

I'm proud of him though. His buddy wanted Max to try the bike out for just one minute, so Max started heading in to the house to get his helmet. The kid told Max not to get it because he was only going to be riding for a few seconds, but Max went in the house to get it anyway. Safety first! If he got a concussion with the helmet on, I imagine his brains would have fallen out without the helmet. Good boy, Max.

Now I'm heading off for 2½ hours of sleep. I have to wake him up every three hours to make sure he's still alive or something like that. Good times!


Anonymous said...

Max, you are awesome for getting your helmet even if your friend might have mocked you.

Leaders don't care what the masses say! - G. Bush


Vicorama said...

So I should have read this first before commenting on the other post. I'm smart.

Shannon said...

I'm glad Max's brains didn't fall out. A concussion is way cooler!

bequi said...

I'm proud of him for being a smarty pants.