Saturday, May 24, 2008

We Found a Dog

A story by Corina.

We were heading out to the car to take Max to Brenden's, and on the way to the car we saw a dog. It was a big dog, and I got really scared. I was running, but I didn't know the dog was there yet. My mom said, "Corina, don't run. Walk." I looked behind me and there was a dog, and so I was so scared. I started walking, and I was walking really slowly, and my mom said, "Walk faster, Corina". We got in the car and the dog was following us. We could barely get out of our parking spot because he was sitting under and behind the car and we couldn't get out, so we had to wait there for a minute. Finally we got out.

When we came back from Brenden's house, we were searching for the dog to bring it into our yard so we could feed it and call the dog catcher. We searched and searched and searched until we found the dog. He started climbing under the car. We parked it and walked him home with us.

We were feeding him and calling the dog catcher, and finally the dog catcher came. The dog catcher said the dog had been out at Sobey's and Safeway and they couldn't find him, but finally we got him. He took the dog, and then we had to go get the car because we parked it far away from our house. We jogged there and then we came back in the car, and then we had warm feelings in our hearts that we did something good.

Max was really scared and worried about the dog. He doesn't know yet that we did that. We took some pictures and some videos so he could see them when he gets home from his friend's house.

Mommy is kind of scared of dogs, but then she got used to the dog. She was only a little bit scared at the end.

The end.

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Kipluck said...

Way to be brave, non-dog people.