Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Citizenship Dinner Thing

Remember those special citizenship awards Max and Corina won a few months ago? Well, tonight all the kids in the city who won the citizenship award were invited to a dinner where we could celebrate their awesomeness.

Corina's on the left in pink, and Max is hiding behind the podium. That's the mayor beside Corina, and then there's some bearded man who was probably someone important but I forgot to remember who.
This is Corina with a prize she won in a draw:
And this is a video of Corina getting that prize. Probably the video should come before the picture, but Blogger wouldn't do it that way. Corina won a coin set (boring) that she loves (great!), and she won a $30 gift card to Costco. She decided to split it 50/50 with Max. How nice is that?? They're thinking of buying $30 worth of candy. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

That was the mayor who high-fived Corina. He gave a little speech to the kids and wanted to impress upon them how awesome it is to be good people. His way of doing that was to do double thumbs up Fonzies at them while saying, "Being good is COOL! You're COOOOL!". The kids totally eat that sh** up.

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