Monday, June 16, 2008

Great Kids of Alberta - mine.

Remember that big award Corina's teacher nominated her for? Corina got the Honourable Mention award today. She's a good little girl.
Your leadership, generosity, compassion, and strong will to make a positive difference are an inspiration to all Albertans. The Government of Alberta is proud to recognize you for your outstanding contributions and achievements.

Your nomination was one that made a significant impact on the Committee, and we wanted to recognize this with an Honourable Mention plaque and certificate acknowledging this special accomplishment.

On behalf of the Government of Alberta, thank you for your outstanding contribution to your family, school, community, and the province. You are truly an example to others, and you should be very proud of your accomplishments. We are pleased to have you as one of our Honourable Mentions of the Great Kids Awards 2008.


Jasmine said...

Congratulations Corina! That is SUPER! (And she is a great kid!)

bequi said...

She suddenly looks more grown-up. How's her sty?

Sara said...

The sty was getting better, but now it's getting worse again. We'll see what happens.