Friday, June 27, 2008

Max's Grad, and Report Cards

Max graduated elementary school yesterday! NOOOOO! I hate that he's growing up. Breaks my heart. Now it's off to middle school in September. They had a really sweet graduation ceremony for the grade fives, and they gave academic awards for the core subjects. Max won the award for excellence in Language Arts. (That's what they used to call English in the olden days.) I am very proud of him! Here is his teacher presenting him with the award.

Max's teacher was SO awesome. He had just come to grade five from grade eight, so he was always making the work way too hard. It takes a bit of time to get used to a new grade level. Some of the kids probably hated it, but it was perfect for Max. It was the first year he wasn't bored at school. Mr A is the one who invited Max to be on the Robotics team, too. Totally awesome challenge work. Great teacher.
Each grade five teacher put on a slide show of the students in their class. For Max's class, it showed a picture of what they are interested in (basketball for Max), a photo of them in September, and then one of them in June. It really showed how much they've all grown. Of course I cried through the whole thing. You can't see really well how handsome Max looks in his June picture, but believe me, he's handsome. I like this video because you can hear all the kids scream when his slide comes up. Mr Popularity, that kid. cards! Such a nice time of year when you don't have kids who suck. For those of you who are interested, here are some of the comments from their report cards:

Max is a wonderful student and truly excelled academically this year. He always was able to complete his work accurately and before anyone else, and would do well next year to have extra higher level thinking questions to stretch his mind as a supplement while he waits. I would encourage Max to continue to look for new challenges and push himself to his limits. I would also love to invite him back to Robotics to further develop his inquisitive nature and his great ability to synthesize and create. (And so on...)

What an incredible little girl Corina is! She is a model student in every way possible and it's been such a joy to have her in my class this year! She sets an example for the other children and has wonderful work habits. On the recent testing that we did, Corina came out at grade 5.6 - incredible!! Way to go Corina! Corina's writing skills are well developed and she loves to read her own stories to the class. Corina is always looking for ways to improve even though she is already doing so well. She will be able to handle any challenges in grade two with no trouble. (And so on...)

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CWE said...

I'll take 2 of each please. You should really write a book so the rest of us can have perfect children too.

Bethany said...

So, the only trouble Corina will come up against in grade 2 will be the fact that she'll be so bored, right?

Congratulations on your awesome kids!

Shannon said...

Two questions? Since when is grade 5 the last year of elementary?
And what the heck is middle school? That must be an Eastern thing, I'm thinking.
Congrats to Max and Corina for being so brainy.

Sara said...

Well, it couldn't very well be an eastern thing since I live out west with you, gaylord. They got rid of junior high here a few years ago (grades 7-9) and instead they have middle school (grades 6-8). Max starts at his new school in September.

Shannon said...

Hey, homo! You're FROM the east, so I figured you must have imported that middle school stuff. I still don't understand why they would change the grades and name of "Jr. High." And Easterner must have come up with that idea, too.

Shannon said...

BTW, I get strangely excited when you call me gaylord.

Sara said...

I don't know why they changed it either. I liked junior high better. Max is too little to be switching schools. Actually, I liked it best how we had it back home. One school straight through until high school. Makes sense to me.

bequi said...

Congrats on havin the best kids in the world!