Friday, June 13, 2008

Queen of Trade - Me.

I have made a discovery. Pawn shops are awesome.

There was a time when I would not consider buying anything used, because that's what poor people do. Also, it's disgusting. (I'm still trying to get past the disgusting part of it, but I'm almost there.)

A few years ago we got a used washer and dryer and saved about $500. It grossed me out a lot at first, but now they're just my washer and dryer. I don't care anymore. My car is used, and I saved a buttload buying a used car.

As for pawn shops, I totally love King of Trade. Today we bought a girly Gameboy game for Corina and a portable dvd player, both to make the ride to Salt Lake more enjoyable next month, and they hardly cost us anything. And after being chatty with the guy for a bit, he even gave us 10% off the already super low price.

Also, pawn shops are good for pawning things. Yay! Money! I have too much stuff anyway. It's good to purge.

So, here's what it is: I got over my snobby "Everything must be brand new", and "Someone else might have touched this" problem, and now I can buy awesome things for less than half price.

OCD, I laugh in your face. Ha.


Shannon said...

Don't go buying used underwear. They are worth paying full price for. I promise.

Lesley said...

If you don't like pawn shops...check out Kijiji...if they have it out there...or eBay...

Sara said...

I have no idea what Kijiijiiiji is. At all.

bequi said...

I like to pawn Anthony's things when he's not looking.

Lesley said...

It's like eBay except better!