Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer things

Friday was Sports Day at my kids' school. I ran one of the games, but it was on the little kids' side of the school. I didn't get to watch Max play at all this year! Boo hoo. Anyway, Corina was very cute and had a blast playing with all her friends.

Did you know I'm a grandma? Yeah, that is one of the two games Corina wants to play all the time. It's either "Mommy, can you be the grandma?" or "Mommy, can I take your order?" as she holds a pad of paper and a pen. Lately she works at East Side Mario's.
But here are my adorable grandchildren. Corina needed a picture of us today.
No, those aren't white straps on my back. Those are the only pain-free areas above my knees. I'm officially a moron!


Jillian said...

Ohhhhhhh that sucks!!! My sympathy knows no bounds! Ouch!

Laurie said...

Oh man. Your poor back! That top is darling by the way.

And yes, I hope to see you next month!

Sara said...

Thanks for the sympathy. It helps a little.

Lesley said...

Tell her I want the cheese cappeletti. I expect her to deliver to Ontario too :)