Sunday, June 29, 2008

Waterton Trip

Yesterday we spent the whole day in Waterton to celebrate the end of the school year. We decided we would do every single thing we wanted to do and stay for as long as we felt like. Awesome.

First we threw rocks in the water for about an hour. Funny how that doesn't get boring. There was a family right by us who had 5 kids. We tried to stay sort of near them so we could hear all the kids' names, but we ended up only hearing 3 of them. They were Sariah, Esther, and Ammon. Poor, poor Mormon kids.

I love Corina's broken arms in this picture.
Next we rented a surrey and drove all around the town site. It was actually pretty hard work. I'd have been toast if Max wasn't there to help me peddle.
We hiked up a mountain again! I gave Corina the award for best hiker. She was always leading the way, and she never got tired. I was very impressed. As you can see by her stance in this picture, she believes hiking is very serious business.
Max and I, on the other hand, are fat lazy slobs. We huffed and puffed while we complained about the heat the whole way up. Every ten minutes or so we had to sit down to rest and drink pop. We're great. I really noticed we're getting out of shape now that we have a car. I think we need more hikes.
Even though we're lazy slobs, we made it to the top. Yay for us! We found a sweet little chipmunk who was eating someones litter. Luckily the litter was right at our feet, so we were able to become best friends with him. We especially liked the melted chocolate all over his head. Video to come soon!

Did you know the water in Red Rock Canyon is painfully cold? Well it is.

Did you know Uncle Barry is a waiter in Waterton? Hehe. I never noticed him until now. That guy looks just like my brother.
Before we left we decided to knock down a couple of trees. And then we set a forest fire.
On the way home we barged in to Mike and Melissa's house and made ourselves at home, even though it was the middle of the night and they really wanted to sleep. But deep down, I'm sure they were glad we came. And stayed for hours.


chartie said...

Maybe the huffing and puffing and the fact that you were drinking pop instead of water might be correlated somehow.

Sara said...

Yeah, I was kind of hinting at that. We're terrible. (But Coke Zero is so lovely!)

M&M&m said...

We were totally happy to have you visit! Highlight of my day, actually... Be sure to come again when you're out this way! (And I love the pictures!)

Shannon said...

You're the hussiest looking hiker I've ever seen. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Sara said...

It was hot! I needed to pull my shirt up.

Daisy Paige said...

You should have had the Mormon kids pack you up the hike. I'm sure they come from good stock.