Monday, July 21, 2008

SLC is my best friend.

On Shauna and Jesse's laptop, my legs look really short in that picture at the top of my blog.

I am sad. I don't want to leave this weekend. This place and certain people fit so well in my life, and it totally feels like this is where I'm supposed to be. I feel it every time I come here, but then I leave again. I need to stop doing that. There is one spot in my chest where my sadness lives. If I touch it, it makes me cry. Don't touch my chest, okay?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Some things about our trip so far.

Maybe I should be ashamed to admit this. The theme to our vacation so far has been American Fast Food. Pretty much every day, and sometimes 3 times a day, we eat at a fast food place we don't have at home.

So far we still love Cafe Rio the best. We've eaten there 3 times already, and we're thinking today may be #4. We've perfected our order, which is now a pork burrito with black beans, no sauce. It's enough to feed all three of us. Financially responsible!

Cold Stone was pretty awesome, but we had no idea what was going on when the girl started squishing our ice cream on the counter. We just kind of.....stared. Now we're trying to decide if we like Cold Stone or Maggie Moo's better. (Better Batter Cake Carnival? Holy crap.) We've only been to each place twice, so perhaps it's too early to decide.

Sonic is adorable. It's like A&W from when I was little. We could go there every day for a lime slush and a cherry limeade. Last night Corina had a Pogo there, which you Americans call a corn dog. It was not really a Pogo at all though. That stuff on it was cake! How much sugar was in that? Corina couldn't even eat it, so it was Mommy to the rescue. I love hot dogs wrapped in cake.

Carl's Jr was kind of scary. We bought 2 burgers to split between the 3 of us, but we only ate a little more than one. Are there really people in this country who can eat those things? They were bigger than my head, and I have a very large head. A bobble head, even.

We're going to miss the fast food here. We're also going to miss all the weird people. We were chatting last night about how fun it is to people watch in Salt Lake. As Max put it, "All the people in Lethbridge are either like us, or they're drunk and lying on the ground." That makes for boring people watching, really. We went to a concert in the park last night, and the second most fun part of it was just looking at all the interesting people. We loved the dancing grandpa and the tie-dyed Jesus best of all. The most fun part was watching Corina dance. I wasn't the only one who thought she was awesome. She had quite a little following among the hippy-types. She kept whispering in my ear, "I'm making the people smile!"

Okay, we're never leaving.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Donnie made me cry. Again.

Donnie and Danny were at a radio station in Germany (I think), and they interviewed a fan. I think that's adorable. The girl totally loves Donnie, so I can kind of relate. Look at all the love he gives her at the end of the video. I can't even watch it without crying. He's so good to his obsessed fans.

I'm still on holidays. I don't have any pictures of my holidays on Shauna's computer, so I can't show you all the fun we're having. I can just tell you we're having lots of fun. We especially love wearing our ISLAND PANTS!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Scout Camp Bites

There are two ways to read that title. Both ways apply. (Kidding, Forsyths! He loved it!)

Poor Max. He's doing much better today. You should have seen him on Friday when he got home though. He was in very rough shape...

My Name is Joe

We've been staying up very late all week, and while Max was at Scout Camp Corina and I got super tired. We read in bed together, and then we played around with the camera. We took this video about 2 minutes before we both fell asleep. It's kind of random, but it's family stuff, so we like it.

We woke up from our nap at 5:00, and then we couldn't fall asleep at bedtime. We stayed up until nearly 1:00 that night.

Saturday, July 05, 2008


This one made me sad. Poor old man.

Friday, July 04, 2008

I am afraid of germs.

I have purchased approximately 42 kabillion dollars worth of germ killing products in the last ten years. A while ago I read something that got me a little interested in the chemicals in my cleaning products. For the past month or so I've been doing tons of reading about chemicals.

Check this out:
Chemical Dangers in Disinfectants
There’s no doubt that disinfecting cleaners can help keep bacteria, viruses and fungi in check. But the strong ingredients of some may pose health risks, especially to children. The more than 275 different active ingredients in antimicrobial products are classified by EPA as pesticides, because they kill microbes. Some, such as phenol, are toxic and corrosive. Cresol, a suspected carcinogen, can cause abdominal pain, vomiting and bloody diarrhea, if ingested, and even respiratory, circulatory or cardiac failure, in large doses. Oxalic acid, a disinfectant used in toilet bowl cleaners, may irritate the eyes and skin and can damage the respiratory and nervous systems and the kidneys. One of the most heavily relied upon antibacterial agents, Triclosan, was recently found to trigger production of a probable carcinogen chloroform in an amount 40 percent higher than the background level in tap water treated with chlorine.


I have a new best friend. It's Nature Clean. I bought a few of their products a while ago, because even though I'm afraid of chemicals, I'm even more afraid of being dirty. I was pretty sure the products wouldn't work, but I was wrong! This one is one of my favourites -

Nature Clean Household Disinfectant. It kills over 99.99% (isn't that 100%?) of bacteria, mould, and mildew. It's made out of therapeutic plant extracts and is free of all those things that try to kill us. I spray it all over my bathroom when I'm done cleaning. I spray it in my garbage cans. I sprayed it in Max's gym bag when he got home from Scout Camp tonight. It totally works. Well, it's not like I can prove it's killing germs, but it's killing stink. That's important too.

I've been replacing all my cleaning products with healthier cleaners, and now I've moved on to sunscreen, soaps, makeup, deodorant...stuff like that. Now if I die of cancer I get to say it's not fair, and I'll be right. I feel so uncontaminated. And my armpits smell like lemons. (Thanks, Green Beaver Company!)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yellow let it mellow

A grocery store mailed me a magazine today. Weird. In the magazine was a Sunlight article. They had given eco-action awards to kids from different age groups. I really liked what the 6-7 year old age group winner, Manuel of St-Honore-de-Chicoutimi, had to say:

"To help the environment, I try not to waste paper handkerchiefs by throwing them in the garbage for no reason. I try to use them more than once. When I go to the toilet, I do not flush just for a small pee. It's better to flush only after two pees."

Ha! That is adorable.

Sunlight doing eco-action awards is kinda funny. It's almost as funny as the fact that Clorox bought Burt's Bees. How does something like that happen? Now none of the health food stores want to carry Burt's Bees anymore, and I'm not sure if it's even good to support Burt's Bees anymore, but I still will for a while...because I'm selfish.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Twyla Update

They called back again today. I figured I would answer, and if they were horrible again I would hang up and do the *57 trace for the police report. My hands started shaking when I answered. I'm still surprised how much the scary guy got to me.

So anyway, this time it was a girl. She asked for Twyla. I told her someone had called from there yesterday asking for Twyla, I explained that I don't know her and have had this number for 5 years, and...she let me talk! She didn't scream at me to shut the F up and put Twyla on the phone. I told her how scary the guy was yesterday. She sounded like she really didn't like her job, and then she just started chatting with me. I mentioned what I do for work, and she told me that in grade 12 she had worked with special needs kids in her high school and really liked it. She said she's been thinking about going back to school to work in that field. She whispered that she would definitely like it better than what she's doing now. She said she took my number off their computers and no one will be calling anymore. Let's hope that's true. Or at least if they do call again, I hope it's someone nice like her. Hmmm....although after that phone call, she's probably going to be fired.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I Feel for Twyla

Ever had a collections agency after you? I haven't, but Twyla has. And apparently Twyla either used to have my phone number over 5 years ago, or she used a fake number and it happened to be mine.

For a few months now, when we get home at the end of the day there's always at least one call from British Columbia on the call display. Now that I'm on summer holidays, today I was home to answer when they called. Yay!

At first the guy didn't say anything, and then when I was about to hang up, he asked who I was. I asked him who he was. And then...he started screaming at me! I don't mean using an angry-sounding voice. I mean screaming in a booming, terrifying voice. The kids even heard him from the other room and came running in to see what was going on.

Awesome guy demanded I put Twyla on. I was all "Oh, I can help him! He has the wrong number! We'll get this sorted out lickety split!" I told him I've had this number for 5 years and there's no Twyla here. Aww...I helped him so he could get his job done. I'm nice.


So, I hung up. And then he called back and started screaming at me like that again. I told him I was going to call the police, and I hung up. I did call the police, and we're filing a formal complaint. I also filed a complaint with the CRTC and the Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority of BC. I'm a really good formal complainer when I need to be.

I feel so bad for people who are actually being chased by collections agencies. I've heard horror stories about it, but honestly I always thought those were exaggerations. They're not, dudes. I actually started crying when I hung up the second time because the way he was screaming at me was so scary, and I'm not really that big on crying. I hope this gets taken care of quickly, because I can't deal with that all summer long. It was horrible.