Friday, July 04, 2008

I am afraid of germs.

I have purchased approximately 42 kabillion dollars worth of germ killing products in the last ten years. A while ago I read something that got me a little interested in the chemicals in my cleaning products. For the past month or so I've been doing tons of reading about chemicals.

Check this out:
Chemical Dangers in Disinfectants
There’s no doubt that disinfecting cleaners can help keep bacteria, viruses and fungi in check. But the strong ingredients of some may pose health risks, especially to children. The more than 275 different active ingredients in antimicrobial products are classified by EPA as pesticides, because they kill microbes. Some, such as phenol, are toxic and corrosive. Cresol, a suspected carcinogen, can cause abdominal pain, vomiting and bloody diarrhea, if ingested, and even respiratory, circulatory or cardiac failure, in large doses. Oxalic acid, a disinfectant used in toilet bowl cleaners, may irritate the eyes and skin and can damage the respiratory and nervous systems and the kidneys. One of the most heavily relied upon antibacterial agents, Triclosan, was recently found to trigger production of a probable carcinogen chloroform in an amount 40 percent higher than the background level in tap water treated with chlorine.


I have a new best friend. It's Nature Clean. I bought a few of their products a while ago, because even though I'm afraid of chemicals, I'm even more afraid of being dirty. I was pretty sure the products wouldn't work, but I was wrong! This one is one of my favourites -

Nature Clean Household Disinfectant. It kills over 99.99% (isn't that 100%?) of bacteria, mould, and mildew. It's made out of therapeutic plant extracts and is free of all those things that try to kill us. I spray it all over my bathroom when I'm done cleaning. I spray it in my garbage cans. I sprayed it in Max's gym bag when he got home from Scout Camp tonight. It totally works. Well, it's not like I can prove it's killing germs, but it's killing stink. That's important too.

I've been replacing all my cleaning products with healthier cleaners, and now I've moved on to sunscreen, soaps, makeup, deodorant...stuff like that. Now if I die of cancer I get to say it's not fair, and I'll be right. I feel so uncontaminated. And my armpits smell like lemons. (Thanks, Green Beaver Company!)


Michelle said...

I won't use that hand-santizing stuff that everyone is so obsessed with for this very reason.. it is antimicrobial, and we don't wash it off?? No way.

Phenol that you mentioned is part of that Bishphenol-A baby bottle recall just recently (all bottles using it-- which was essentially every brand) were pulled from shelves. If you read the Wikipedia article about it (And other places) it states that it has been "Suspected of being hazardous to humans since the 1930's". FUN. Thanks government for just pulling it now!


Sara said...

There are hand sanitizers that don't have triclosan in them. Prairie Naturals makes one that doesn't smell gross. They have alcohol of course, which some people don't want to use, but I'm not worried about it. The alcohol evaporates before you could possibly absorb it into your skin. Well, unless you don't believe that, but I choose to believe it.

Shannon said...

Pretty much everything man made is contaminated by germs or chemicals. It makes living feel so safe!
I just try not to think about all the stuff they use when they make toilet paper because if I do think about it, I realize my bum and vagina are being poisoned. Fun!

Sara said...

CHEC says that there is formaldehyde in toilet paper and kleenex, and lots of bleach. Seventh Generation sells toilet paper that won't hurt your bum, but it costs $15 for 12 rolls. I can't afford that. I'll stick with the poison for now.

Kristi said...

I have a good example: my husbands shingles. How did he get it? From getting a cleaning chemical at work on his face (doofus wasn't wearing goggles). It's a neurotoxin apparently and even though they washed out his eye with some machine it still went to his nerves and he got shingles (which lives in your nerves). Scary stuff!

Kristi said...

btw, if you're poor like me and can't afford all the nifty organic stuff, vinegar will clean just about anything, bleach or alcohol will disinfect and you can make your own hand sanitizer with aloe vera and rubbing alcohol.

Shannon said...

Sara, that's not even the half of what they use in making toilet paper! I can't afford that toilet paper either and leaves are an alternative I also am not much for considering at this point.
Kristi is so smart and I'd like to listen to her but I can't stand the smell of vinegar so I can't clean with it.
Someone must know of something that smells pretty to clean with?

Sara said...

I can't clean with vinegar either. It smells like someone peed all over my house when I clean with it, and Max hates the smell so much it makes him want to live outside.

President's Choice makes toilet paper that isn't bleached, and it's recycled. It's not super expensive.

bequi said...

Is Nature Clean very expensive? I mostly just clean stuff with watered down bleach. If it's good enough for a food handler's permit, it's good enough for me!

Lesley said...

I bought this great book "Ecoholic" from Chapters and it lists EVERYTHING people use and why it's bad for the environment. I am really starting to think living in the woods naked will solve all the cancer problems (we won't discuss the psychological effects this might have)!