Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Name is Joe

We've been staying up very late all week, and while Max was at Scout Camp Corina and I got super tired. We read in bed together, and then we played around with the camera. We took this video about 2 minutes before we both fell asleep. It's kind of random, but it's family stuff, so we like it.

We woke up from our nap at 5:00, and then we couldn't fall asleep at bedtime. We stayed up until nearly 1:00 that night.


Sara said...

I love it. It was so funny.
From Corina.

Shauna said...

I don't typically like people named Joe, but in Corina's case, I'll make an exception.

Jasmine said...

Cute video! You're such a good mom and it is obvious your kids adore you!