Monday, July 21, 2008

SLC is my best friend.

On Shauna and Jesse's laptop, my legs look really short in that picture at the top of my blog.

I am sad. I don't want to leave this weekend. This place and certain people fit so well in my life, and it totally feels like this is where I'm supposed to be. I feel it every time I come here, but then I leave again. I need to stop doing that. There is one spot in my chest where my sadness lives. If I touch it, it makes me cry. Don't touch my chest, okay?


Shauna said...

I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned this, but you know you don't HAVE to leave this weekend right? RIGHT??? Being at home when the cable guy comes is a TERRIBLE reason for leaving your destiny.

Plus, my dogs will be crushed when you guys leave.

Sara said...

My new husband from tonight will be crushed when we leave too!

Bethany said...

You're leaving so you can be home to meet up with the CABLE GUY?? What, is he hot or something? C'mon.

Also - I do hope you'll post about your husband.

Shannon said...

I'd also like to hear about your new husband. Perhaps you should just hurry up and marry him so you don't have to leave SLC anymore.
Or being a teacher now and all can't you get a work visa? Wait, teaching in the states might be a tad dangerous, no?

Sara said...

I'm sorry...he's not actually my new husband. I just called Shauna last night and told her we eloped, and I thought I was awfully funny.

Jason Randall said...

I think it's time you finally stayed. After all, you have a degree now - you can teach here! And teach us proper English!

(By the by, can't wait to see you and the kids Friday!)

Mike said...

"Don't touch my chest, okay?"
That goes especially for the cable guy - until it's all official.

Laurie said...

Yes, please do stay! I can feel that I'm just starting to finally come out of my strep throat misery! A few more days, that's all I need! *boo hoo hoo*