Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Twyla Update

They called back again today. I figured I would answer, and if they were horrible again I would hang up and do the *57 trace for the police report. My hands started shaking when I answered. I'm still surprised how much the scary guy got to me.

So anyway, this time it was a girl. She asked for Twyla. I told her someone had called from there yesterday asking for Twyla, I explained that I don't know her and have had this number for 5 years, and...she let me talk! She didn't scream at me to shut the F up and put Twyla on the phone. I told her how scary the guy was yesterday. She sounded like she really didn't like her job, and then she just started chatting with me. I mentioned what I do for work, and she told me that in grade 12 she had worked with special needs kids in her high school and really liked it. She said she's been thinking about going back to school to work in that field. She whispered that she would definitely like it better than what she's doing now. She said she took my number off their computers and no one will be calling anymore. Let's hope that's true. Or at least if they do call again, I hope it's someone nice like her. Hmmm....although after that phone call, she's probably going to be fired.

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Shauna said...

That's hysterical! Getting her to switch jobs right there on the phone? I bet you could have gotten her to commit to a baptism date too if you had just kept her on the phone a little longer.