Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Kids on the Block on CNN

Amazon has shipped The Block. That's the new New Kids on the Block album, durr. I imagine you've all pre-ordered yours as well. I imagine you've also watched this CNN video hundreds of times already, but here it is anyway.

I love that Donnie forgot to use his new actor voice when he said "Donald Trump Jr". It's best when he sounds like a good Dorchester boy. I much prefer New Kids Donnie to actor Donnie.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mommy Silverman Program

I already knew I was kind of like Sarah Silverman, both in how I look and how I act, but then I saw this promo. That is *exactly* what I do when I'm frustrated. I showed it to Corina, and she spun around and pointed at me.

"You do that every time!"

She meant every time I'm frustrated, and not every time I interact with my children. That would be very sad.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I Was Cloned. Sort of.

When I was in grade five and in the beginning of grade six, I was kind of a tomboy. I was a pretty tough kid, and I actually looked like a boy. One of my worst childhood memories is from when I was 11. A big boy approached me and sneered, "Are you a boy or a girl?" Gah! Not fun. I was totally humiliated.

Lately I've been thinking Max is looking even more like me, which I didn't think was possible. Max is now going into grade six, so I searched out my grade six school picture to compare to his. And....check this out.

Is that even normal? Should we really look like the same person, just 22 years apart? Does this mean Max is going to grow up to be a lady? Do I look like a man? I'm so confused. Max said he felt like he was looking at a picture of himself when he saw this.

My hairstyle was not cool back then. I'm not sure why I did that to myself.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My little brother Nicky's newspaper article.

Charity Basketball
All-day hoopsters shooting for cure
It may only be hoops for a day, but Nick Slade and others playing in a 24-hour charity game this weekend hope for a cure. The 28-year-old (Hi, it's Sara...he's 29) London resident organized the event to benefit Autism Ontario and more than 3,000 Londoners living with the disorder. "I thought basketball would be a great sport to play because most people can pick it up and all you need is a ball," Slade said. Inspired by his five-year-old autistic niece, Slade decided this year to run a fundraiser.

He recruited 30 friends to find sponsors and play one long game of four-on-four basketball. Participants will play for 30 minutes and then break for two hours. Tents will be set up so participants can rest between shifts. Rented lights will illuminate the court after dark.

"One in 150 individuals are diagnosed with autism and the rate is going up," said fundraising manager Marti Lussier of London's Autism Ontario. "It's very costly to support."

(Hunky, Nick!)

Money from the event will support London individuals and families mainly through summer camp subsidies, Lussier said.

Slade's goal is to raise $10,000. He's raised $1,250 personally and won't know the final tally until after the weekend. With one year left in Fanshawe College's child and youth worker program, Slade hopes to become a teacher. "I will probably work with autistic children in the future," he said.

(My sister Krista looking awesome.)
(My sister Katie - so tough.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whoop Up Days, and more dessert.

This week is Whoop Up Days in Lethbridge, which is basically London's Western Fair plus a parade. Everyone here makes a huge deal out of it. This was our first year really participating though.

Starting with the dessert that is more horrifying than chocolate fudge brownie ice cream squished between chocolate Pop Tarts....

Deep Fried Mars Bars! This is not a joke.
It looks disgusting, but it is almost as delicious as a newborn baby. It didn't make me feel sick like the Pop Tart ice cream sandwich, either. We each had our own, and Corina nearly finished hers. That's a miracle. The kid barely eats. I was very proud of her.

Max played this basketball game and kept winning and trading up until he finally had a cool shark. The guy running the game was super nice and kept giving us free balls, and seemed genuinely excited when Max won. See the picture? Genuinely excited!
This was one of those games that no one can win. They had to shoot all the cups off a table, and not just one or two cups, either. All of them! Nobody was winning, and then Max and Corina both walked up and shot all the cups off! They both won a guitar. People were constantly stopping us after that asking where we got the cool guitars. Made the kids feel very special. They'll be great killers when they get a bit older. Or now, really. I shouldn't limit them.
New baby guitars!
That's my tiny, brave little Corina up on the huge swings all alone. Max and I were too chicken.
This ride is awesome. Look!
I kind of wish I went on it.
Normal slide ride that you see everywhere, but this time my kids are on it instead of yours.
This is one of those demon drop-type rides, but smaller and less terrifying. They looked so cute on this. Corina screamed the whole time.
This is how I looked while the kids went on the rides. Shark in an armpit, guitar in each hand, teddy bear in my purse, and hammer between the legs. (Gross, Sara.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm so fat on the inside.

Tonight I had a really great/gross idea for dessert. I put chocolate fudge brownie ice cream between two chocolate Pop Tarts.
And then I had to lie down for about one hour to keep from puking. Maybe I should get more serious about this healthy eating thing.

Oh, but tomorrow I'm having a deep fried Mars bar at the fair, so I'll start eating healthy on Thursday.

Monday, August 18, 2008

School Pictures.

Max had a busy day filming That 70s Show, and then came home to get his school picture taken. He's such a hunk!
And Corina is a beautiful princess, as always. Her hair makes her look like a mermaid...or like a little girl with really long hair.
Grade six for Max and grade two for Corina. My babies are getting so big.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Husband's Birthday.

Happy 39th birthday, Donnie. The kids and I love you very much.

This is healthy. Shut up.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Family. My New Kids on the Block.

We went to Park Lake today with friends, and we had so much fun! Max and Corina got to be the big kids, running around with little guys and helping to take care of them.

There's a thing moms do when they're out places with their little ones. It goes like this:
Frantic look on her face..."Where's Sally??! Oh there she is." Over and over.

I realized tonight that I don't really have to do that anymore. I knew that while we were having our picnic at Park Lake, my kids would always be right there. They weren't going to wander off to drink a stranger's beer. (Haha're awesome!) Somehow they went from being my babies to being these two huge people who can pretty much take care of themselves. It's great and sad at the same time.

This is what we looked like today. (You were probably wondering.) As I've already said other places, I love this picture! The reason I love it is that it is the very first time Corina and I have ever looked alike that I have been able to see. I always see that Max looks exactly like I did at that age, but Corina is usually a clone of her dad. Today she looks like me, and that makes me very happy. I think I deserve some resemblance after shooting her out of my vagina.

It's a big picture if you click on it. We're wearing swimsuits. Don't judge.

On an equally important note, here's a Walmart Soundcheck video of New Kids doing Click Click Click. It's very....well...New Kids. And I love it.

Thank you for that, Suave, but I still won't use your terrible products.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's really a good thing that people always tell me I look like Posh Spice

Donnie mentioned in an interview that he likes looking at one of the Spice Girls. (Hey, it came up.) The interviewer asked him which one.

Quote from my Donnie Wahlberg:
"She's married - I can't say. Ok...Posh. She just does it for me. She's a cutie."
He is completely going to fall in love with me. Awww...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Park City, Utah

I had only been to Park City once before in my life, and the only thing I did there was eat at Burger King. My memory of Park City was that it was cute, but boring. Turns out I hadn't actually been right down to Main Street at all, and certainly not up to the resort, so really the first visit didn't even count. Park City was definitely another of our favourites on this trip.

I love this caricature. It's one of my treasures now. The artist really captured Corina's eager happiness and Max's "I'm pleased but you can't tell" - very level personality. He also captured my unpleasantness quite nicely.

After riding up the mountain in a ski lift, it was time to ride a sled down a luge track. It's called the Alpine Slide. We didn't realize that before we could slide down, we had to pull our sleds all the way around to the slide. It took like 5 minutes! Now we totally know how the pioneers felt.
There goes Corina all by herself! What a brave girl. Max went down the other slide you can see off to the side, but I wasn't able to get a picture of him. I was UNABLE.
Here's Max doing his best to jump on the trampoline, but unfortunately his best wasn't good enough. He sucked. It's not his fault though. I haven't ever let him jump on one before. I took video of him, but he was so embarrassed by it that he asked me to delete it. I got video of Corina's attempt though, and it's here for you to see at the end of the pictures. Also...not very good.
Here we are on a scenic ride up the mountain on the ski lift. We figured it would be a short ride, maybe 5 minutes, but it was actually 17 hours. (Give or take.) It felt like it would never end.
Here's Max at the beginning of the ride, before we realized it was going to take up half our holiday.
Two years later, here we are on our way down the ski lift.
There was a bear in Park City. True story!
And a moose.
And a woman with her son at a restaurant, eating all the cheese. Mmmm...delicious cheese.
Here is Corina's valiant effort on the trampoline. She's so sweet.

We rode the Alpine Coaster a couple of times. Here's the excitement on our second time. Ever had a roller coaster break while you were riding it? WE HAVE!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Annabelle and Chloe, our dogs in Salt Lake.

This one is written by Max and Corina.

Annabelle and Chloe are Shauna and Jesse's dogs, and we miss them so much. They are cuddly and cute.
Chloe is giving me kisses. It tickled.
The dogs love to give us tons of kisses.
Annabelle was laying with me, and she lost balance and fell off the big giant bean. She was trying to stay on, but by accident she punched me in the eye and I got a big ouch.
Annabelle is laying with me on the big bean.
This one is a closeup of Annabelle and me on the big bean.
I didn't like saying goodbye to the dogs.
Max is crying.
We both love Annabelle and Chloe and hope they don't eat the new baby.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Farmers Market in Salt Lake City

Yes, everything on my blog will now be about Salt Lake City. The Farmers Market there is so wonderful that we went to it three Saturdays in a row. It's huge, so there's enough to see there to take up a whole morning. There are enough samples of good foods that you don't even need to buy anything unless you're a huge pig like me.

Corina got this pretty pink parasol so she could practice alliteration, and also because it was very hot and sunny at the market.
Max got a marshmallow shooter so he could shoot his mother in the neck. I actually gave him permission to shoot me, but that's because I didn't know it would hurt.
I loved just sitting in the shade, eating and watching all the people. Such good people watching there. (Yes, I realize that sounds like I was eating the people. I was.)
This is my new boyfriend. His name is Belgian Waffle, and I adore him.
Max and I got these weird short-skirt things from a hippy booth at the market. Jesse called them Island Pants, and now we do too. They're so comfortable that I keep thinking my bum is showing, because they really feel like wearing nothing.
Corina's balloon animal didn't survive long, but at least it didn't die as quickly as Max's. As I always say, kids these days don't know how to take care of their balloons!
Dainon and his brown bonnet (thanks, Corina!) did some Farmers Marketing with us. We tried to pose nicely for this picture, but we're both extremely unattractive.
What? A hug? I am unfamiliar with not know how to receive...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The High School Musical School in Salt Lake City

Who is the best mom ever? Me! Look what I did. I took Corina to the school in Salt Lake City where they filmed the High School Musical movies. I even bought her a t-shirt there.

Here's a picture from the movie that shows the school. I totally wished I had paid attention when she watched it all those millions of times, because the tour would have been much more interesting then. We're watching the movie right now and it's pretty neat to see all the places we were.
We weren't even sure we would be allowed into the school. First we took a bunch of pictures outside, and then I told Corina to go try the door. She looks so stinkin' adorable running up there. Look at her! LOOK!
When we found the doors unlocked, we thought maybe we could sneak in for a few minutes until someone kicked us out. Turns out they get people there for tours from all over the world! How sick is that? As we walked around, Corina kept saying, "Mommy, you totally understand. You know what this is like, because you would want to do this if it was New Kids." Smart girl.
These are the cafeteria tables that are used in the movie. I just saw them in the movie a minute ago, so I know it's true.
Here's Corina looking down at the cafeteria, which is shown over and over and over in the movie.
Look how much fun they have in that cafeteria. It's just like when I was in high school.
There are Corina, Max, and some other tourists running around the cafeteria.
These are the cafeteria steps that are shown in that crazy dancing picture two up.
Sharpay's locker is in this row. The secretary showed us where it is. Cool...
A little video of Corina first seeing the cafeteria.

The end.