Sunday, August 03, 2008

Farmers Market in Salt Lake City

Yes, everything on my blog will now be about Salt Lake City. The Farmers Market there is so wonderful that we went to it three Saturdays in a row. It's huge, so there's enough to see there to take up a whole morning. There are enough samples of good foods that you don't even need to buy anything unless you're a huge pig like me.

Corina got this pretty pink parasol so she could practice alliteration, and also because it was very hot and sunny at the market.
Max got a marshmallow shooter so he could shoot his mother in the neck. I actually gave him permission to shoot me, but that's because I didn't know it would hurt.
I loved just sitting in the shade, eating and watching all the people. Such good people watching there. (Yes, I realize that sounds like I was eating the people. I was.)
This is my new boyfriend. His name is Belgian Waffle, and I adore him.
Max and I got these weird short-skirt things from a hippy booth at the market. Jesse called them Island Pants, and now we do too. They're so comfortable that I keep thinking my bum is showing, because they really feel like wearing nothing.
Corina's balloon animal didn't survive long, but at least it didn't die as quickly as Max's. As I always say, kids these days don't know how to take care of their balloons!
Dainon and his brown bonnet (thanks, Corina!) did some Farmers Marketing with us. We tried to pose nicely for this picture, but we're both extremely unattractive.
What? A hug? I am unfamiliar with not know how to receive...

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