Saturday, August 02, 2008

The High School Musical School in Salt Lake City

Who is the best mom ever? Me! Look what I did. I took Corina to the school in Salt Lake City where they filmed the High School Musical movies. I even bought her a t-shirt there.

Here's a picture from the movie that shows the school. I totally wished I had paid attention when she watched it all those millions of times, because the tour would have been much more interesting then. We're watching the movie right now and it's pretty neat to see all the places we were.
We weren't even sure we would be allowed into the school. First we took a bunch of pictures outside, and then I told Corina to go try the door. She looks so stinkin' adorable running up there. Look at her! LOOK!
When we found the doors unlocked, we thought maybe we could sneak in for a few minutes until someone kicked us out. Turns out they get people there for tours from all over the world! How sick is that? As we walked around, Corina kept saying, "Mommy, you totally understand. You know what this is like, because you would want to do this if it was New Kids." Smart girl.
These are the cafeteria tables that are used in the movie. I just saw them in the movie a minute ago, so I know it's true.
Here's Corina looking down at the cafeteria, which is shown over and over and over in the movie.
Look how much fun they have in that cafeteria. It's just like when I was in high school.
There are Corina, Max, and some other tourists running around the cafeteria.
These are the cafeteria steps that are shown in that crazy dancing picture two up.
Sharpay's locker is in this row. The secretary showed us where it is. Cool...
A little video of Corina first seeing the cafeteria.

The end.


deidra said...

Wildcats! Getcha, getcha, getcha head in the game!

Laurie said...

What a clever idea! I love it!

My grandpa went to high school there, but unfortunately, they've done so many renovations that none of the original East High is there anymore.

bequi said...

My brother in law puts together the sets for Disney movies. I bet he could get some fun memrabilia for corrina if you paid me!