Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's really a good thing that people always tell me I look like Posh Spice

Donnie mentioned in an interview that he likes looking at one of the Spice Girls. (Hey, it came up.) The interviewer asked him which one.

Quote from my Donnie Wahlberg:
"She's married - I can't say. Ok...Posh. She just does it for me. She's a cutie."
He is completely going to fall in love with me. Awww...


Shannon said...

Holy coincidence. I love Posh and I love you!

Laura said...

I used to think Joey Lawrence would be in love with me because I have green eyes. I wrote a letter to tell him about it too. I was 9 and he was... not.
You have more of a chance with Donnie.