Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Family. My New Kids on the Block.

We went to Park Lake today with friends, and we had so much fun! Max and Corina got to be the big kids, running around with little guys and helping to take care of them.

There's a thing moms do when they're out places with their little ones. It goes like this:
Frantic look on her face..."Where's Sally??! Oh there she is." Over and over.

I realized tonight that I don't really have to do that anymore. I knew that while we were having our picnic at Park Lake, my kids would always be right there. They weren't going to wander off to drink a stranger's beer. (Haha're awesome!) Somehow they went from being my babies to being these two huge people who can pretty much take care of themselves. It's great and sad at the same time.

This is what we looked like today. (You were probably wondering.) As I've already said other places, I love this picture! The reason I love it is that it is the very first time Corina and I have ever looked alike that I have been able to see. I always see that Max looks exactly like I did at that age, but Corina is usually a clone of her dad. Today she looks like me, and that makes me very happy. I think I deserve some resemblance after shooting her out of my vagina.

It's a big picture if you click on it. We're wearing swimsuits. Don't judge.

On an equally important note, here's a Walmart Soundcheck video of New Kids doing Click Click Click. It's very....well...New Kids. And I love it.

Thank you for that, Suave, but I still won't use your terrible products.


Shannon said...

Sorry I judged, but it was before you wrote not too. And it was only because I'm jealous I don't look that good when I'm immodest, or modest for that matter.

Sara said...

I was kidding anyway. I like it when you judge me.

Shannon said...

I judge you a 9.9
I don't think giving out 10's is fair, unless you're Jesus.

Lesley said...

As my sister says..."she's just like me on the inside, so that's more important" except her second one is just like her on the inside and outside, so she's in trouble!