Saturday, August 23, 2008

My little brother Nicky's newspaper article.

Charity Basketball
All-day hoopsters shooting for cure
It may only be hoops for a day, but Nick Slade and others playing in a 24-hour charity game this weekend hope for a cure. The 28-year-old (Hi, it's Sara...he's 29) London resident organized the event to benefit Autism Ontario and more than 3,000 Londoners living with the disorder. "I thought basketball would be a great sport to play because most people can pick it up and all you need is a ball," Slade said. Inspired by his five-year-old autistic niece, Slade decided this year to run a fundraiser.

He recruited 30 friends to find sponsors and play one long game of four-on-four basketball. Participants will play for 30 minutes and then break for two hours. Tents will be set up so participants can rest between shifts. Rented lights will illuminate the court after dark.

"One in 150 individuals are diagnosed with autism and the rate is going up," said fundraising manager Marti Lussier of London's Autism Ontario. "It's very costly to support."

(Hunky, Nick!)

Money from the event will support London individuals and families mainly through summer camp subsidies, Lussier said.

Slade's goal is to raise $10,000. He's raised $1,250 personally and won't know the final tally until after the weekend. With one year left in Fanshawe College's child and youth worker program, Slade hopes to become a teacher. "I will probably work with autistic children in the future," he said.

(My sister Krista looking awesome.)
(My sister Katie - so tough.)


Melissa said...

Very cool - that's awesome that he would put so much work into something. (I can definitely appreciate the cause!) Your sister looks so much like you! Crazy!

Sara said...

Yep, I'm pretty proud of him. He's a good boy.

And my sisters...all four of us are starting to look like the same person. Krista and Katie, the two in the pictures here - I thought they were both pictures of Katie at first. I can't even tell us apart anymore.

Lesley said...

All you Slade kids look alike...not like us Racicot's with the milk man father...

Awesome for Nick. Alana works as a coordinator for Autism Ontario in Toronto. I'm going to send her the link.

Sara said...

Yeah, maybe they could hook up somehow for next year's event and get even more people to participate!