Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Park City, Utah

I had only been to Park City once before in my life, and the only thing I did there was eat at Burger King. My memory of Park City was that it was cute, but boring. Turns out I hadn't actually been right down to Main Street at all, and certainly not up to the resort, so really the first visit didn't even count. Park City was definitely another of our favourites on this trip.

I love this caricature. It's one of my treasures now. The artist really captured Corina's eager happiness and Max's "I'm pleased but you can't tell" - very level personality. He also captured my unpleasantness quite nicely.

After riding up the mountain in a ski lift, it was time to ride a sled down a luge track. It's called the Alpine Slide. We didn't realize that before we could slide down, we had to pull our sleds all the way around to the slide. It took like 5 minutes! Now we totally know how the pioneers felt.
There goes Corina all by herself! What a brave girl. Max went down the other slide you can see off to the side, but I wasn't able to get a picture of him. I was UNABLE.
Here's Max doing his best to jump on the trampoline, but unfortunately his best wasn't good enough. He sucked. It's not his fault though. I haven't ever let him jump on one before. I took video of him, but he was so embarrassed by it that he asked me to delete it. I got video of Corina's attempt though, and it's here for you to see at the end of the pictures. Also...not very good.
Here we are on a scenic ride up the mountain on the ski lift. We figured it would be a short ride, maybe 5 minutes, but it was actually 17 hours. (Give or take.) It felt like it would never end.
Here's Max at the beginning of the ride, before we realized it was going to take up half our holiday.
Two years later, here we are on our way down the ski lift.
There was a bear in Park City. True story!
And a moose.
And a woman with her son at a restaurant, eating all the cheese. Mmmm...delicious cheese.
Here is Corina's valiant effort on the trampoline. She's so sweet.

We rode the Alpine Coaster a couple of times. Here's the excitement on our second time. Ever had a roller coaster break while you were riding it? WE HAVE!


Shannon said...

Hey! I'm waiting for an update on your life. Don't leave me hanging!

Nabeel said...

My God, that bear stands tall ... we don't realize the size on TV ... humans don't stand a chance (very little) if confronted by one.