Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Whoop Up Days, and more dessert.

This week is Whoop Up Days in Lethbridge, which is basically London's Western Fair plus a parade. Everyone here makes a huge deal out of it. This was our first year really participating though.

Starting with the dessert that is more horrifying than chocolate fudge brownie ice cream squished between chocolate Pop Tarts....

Deep Fried Mars Bars! This is not a joke.
It looks disgusting, but it is almost as delicious as a newborn baby. It didn't make me feel sick like the Pop Tart ice cream sandwich, either. We each had our own, and Corina nearly finished hers. That's a miracle. The kid barely eats. I was very proud of her.

Max played this basketball game and kept winning and trading up until he finally had a cool shark. The guy running the game was super nice and kept giving us free balls, and seemed genuinely excited when Max won. See the picture? Genuinely excited!
This was one of those games that no one can win. They had to shoot all the cups off a table, and not just one or two cups, either. All of them! Nobody was winning, and then Max and Corina both walked up and shot all the cups off! They both won a guitar. People were constantly stopping us after that asking where we got the cool guitars. Made the kids feel very special. They'll be great killers when they get a bit older. Or now, really. I shouldn't limit them.
New baby guitars!
That's my tiny, brave little Corina up on the huge swings all alone. Max and I were too chicken.
This ride is awesome. Look!
I kind of wish I went on it.
Normal slide ride that you see everywhere, but this time my kids are on it instead of yours.
This is one of those demon drop-type rides, but smaller and less terrifying. They looked so cute on this. Corina screamed the whole time.
This is how I looked while the kids went on the rides. Shark in an armpit, guitar in each hand, teddy bear in my purse, and hammer between the legs. (Gross, Sara.)


brent said...

That's weird...I've had that hammer comment made to me a number of times...what are the odds?

Sara said...


Kristi said...

mmmmm never had a deep friend mars bar, but my dad used to make fried twinkies. Seriously goooood stuff!

Lesley said...

Oh god, deep fried mars bars...I was JUST thinking about those today. I think it had something to do with the ad for Western Fair and my desire to eat A DEEP FRIED CHOCOLATE GOODNESS BAR ON A STICK!!! Ok I'm going to focus now...what I want to say is, not only do you look cool holding all that stuff, but you are also multi-talented since you were able to take your photo (hee, I know someone else did...)