Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I scare children without even trying.

I'm still just getting to know my students and their awesomeness. Yesterday I was standing near a grade three boy I shall call Bruce. (FOIP! Ack!) Bruce was quietly working, and then suddenly he gasped and jerked back. I looked down at him to see what was wrong, and he was looking up at me with a terrified expression on his face. And then he said, "You're a witch!"


"Your fingers are too long! You look like a witch!"

He was genuinely scared of me.


My fingers are kind of long. Good thing he didn't see how long my toes are or he might have peed his pants.


Bethany said...

FOIP? Am I the only one who doesn't know what this is?

Also - We could BOTH be witches! I have eerily long fingers and toes, too.


Sara said...

It's the freedom of information and protection of privacy act. If I break it, the principal beats me up.

Kristi said...

I thought witches had long noses and trolls had long fingers.... Nothing personal.

Michelle said...

An adult man I worked with one time was watching me work and said "Your hands look like spiders, cause your fingers are just way too long and spindly." I poured an entire bottle of coke into his desk drawer later that day. I'm so nice.

I guess you and Bethany and I can all be witches together.