Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Good to Myself.

I have been dealing with some emotional trauma for over five months now. I’m finally ready to open up about it.

When New Kids announced their tour, I had a big decision to make. There were two choices:

1. Go on my own to the Edmonton and Calgary shows, and buy the 5 Star VIP packages which are not cheap.

2. Take the kids with me so I could share the experience with them, because New Kids are something they’ve grown up with. And of course we’d have to get general admission tickets, because no way can I afford that many 5 Star VIPs.

As the ultimate sacrifice, I chose option #2. Since then I’ve been so torn up about it. I want the kids with me, but also…VIP! I thumbed my nose at VIP!

Here’s what VIP includes.
A ticket in the first 10 rows.
Pre-show party. (!!!)
Meet and greet – that means BACKSTAGE, thanks.
Also a bunch of other stuff, but those are the ones that really matter to me.

Even though I bought my tickets for both shows the very second they went on sale, I didn’t even get floor seats. They were selling out so fast! Did you know they sold out two shows at the Air Canada Centre in like 5 seconds? True story.

So. In my secret New Kids club I can’t tell you about, the girls have been talking about their 5 Star experiences, and it’s killing me. Last night I actually cried about it. I cried. TEARS! I know...I even surprised myself.

And tonight I decided to be awesome to myself and to be totally financially irresponsible. I went ahead and bought 5 Star VIPs for all three of us for the Edmonton show. I did! We’re going to hang out backstage with Donnie! YOU MUST BE SO HAPPY FOR ME!!!

I put my general admission tickets up for sale on Ticketmaster. Hopefully I can find someone to buy those and at least get that $300 back.

I feel like my head is going to explode. This was a big night.


Kristi said...

I personally believe concerts fall under the financial responsibilities of being a parent. So remember what an awesome mom you are and enjoy your splurge!
(ps-you're a crazy obsessed FREAK and you need help!)

Crystalbell said...

This is so exciting for all of you! Max and Corina are finally going to meet their future daddy! It's going to be a BIG day.

Laurie said...

Are you Canadians having an economic crisis? No? Then heck yes, those are a wise purchase! I honestly don't know of a more devout fan, though there are plenty of poseurs!

I hope the next Youtube video you post is of YOU getting a Donnie kiss.

Shannon said...

Call me if you get arrested in Edmonton. I'm just 20 minutes away and I'll bring bail money.

Shannon said...

Oh yeah, I forgot something. We need to talk about the concerts. Email me to get me to email you back because I'm really busy/lazy. Otherwise I'll forget.

Daisy Paige said...

I can't believe you cried real tears - you poor thing! You obviously NEEDED those vip tickets to mend your aching heart, and needs are worth lots of money. I think you made the right choice.

Jason Randall said...

That's so awesome. When you see him, you can ask him to say hi to his mother for you.

Sara said...

I can!
But you do know Donnie and Mark aren't the same person, right?