Monday, September 08, 2008

New Kids on the Block made a funny

I've watched and read approximately 4200 interviews with NKOTB since this whole reunion thing started. I swear, if I hear "You guys aren't exactly 'kids' anymore" or some other brilliant variation on that, I'm going to eat my eyeballs. AND I WON'T EVEN COOK THEM FIRST.

They got it again in an interview with USA Today. ("You guys are neither New nor Kids.") Wow...amazing observation, and no one else has caught that yet. Journalism awards for you!

“You don’t think of the Beach Boys as boys, right?” says Jordan Knight, 38, sitting with his bandmates in a hotel suite after wrapping a promotional appearance. “Are the Eagles flying around?”

“Garbage isn’t garbage,” says Danny Wood, 39.

Garbage isn't garbage. True story.


Shauna said...

I guess that really depends on who you ask. Although I have been known to enjoy the song "Stupid Girl" on occasion.

Bethany said...

Backstreet Boys didn't get slack when they came back, and half of them were married, one of them waas out of rehab, and the others... well, weren't boys anymore.

Poor, picked-on New Kids.

Sara said...


Lesley said...

Don't eat your will you continue to enjoy the hotness of Donnie? (NO, I'm not stealing him, I'm just thinking of your needs...)

And wordy mcword on the journalism awards. How are these people employed with this amount of stupidity????