Sunday, September 21, 2008

People I've been compared to in the last 24 hours

I wish. I WISH.

Sort of. I could see that.
Pat Benatar! She looks like my mom, and I look like my mom, so...I shall now hit you with my best shot.

Kids just came home. I hid behind my coat and got them to feel my head first. I was easing them into it. I peeked out a little bit so they could get a glimpse, and then finally I took the coat down.

Corina turned SO RED.
"Noooooooooooo! Mommy! I told you not to do that!"
And then she hid her face from me.

Max laughed and couldn't look at me.
"No! I didn't want you to do that! I want your long hair!"

And there you have it.


B said...

Suppportive kids you've got there.

Halle Berry might work if you weren't so pasty white...and had bigger boobs. And now that you look like Winona Ryder, you can steal clothes from the store and say it was her. They'll believe you.

Bethany said...

You forgot about Annie Lennox.

Sara said...

And Annie Lennox. Yes.

John-E-Boi said...

I like your hair.

It's real nice.

Shannon said...

I liked your last hair better. But the new hair is nice too.