Saturday, September 27, 2008

Stuff about my family and dogs and Alice Cooper

And nothing about New Kids! (Except that sentence.)

Corina says, "There were boys playing outside of the house, and Max was one of them. They caught a dog, and we called the animal shelter. They came and picked the doggie up. The dog was nice and fuzzy."
Max is playing trumpet in band at his school this year. I was very excited when he signed up for band, because I was a total music nerd in school. Music cool person, I mean. We've been having lots of fun practicing together - him on the trumpet and me on the violin. It's lovely!
Our very big news of the week is that tomorrow we will be at the Alice Cooper concert! Yay!!! We bought those tickets about six months ago, so it has been a looooong wait.
In the afternoon we're going to a meet and greet with Eric Singer. He's Alice Cooper's drummer. Max wants him to sign his Rockband drumsticks. I don't know if that's dumb or not.
I'm going to do my very best to meet Alice/Vincent and get pictures. I'll see how well my groupie skills have held up over the years.


Laurie said...

Eric Singer signing the Rockband drumsticks is kickass, not gay!

I'll anxiously wait to hear all about it. I'm still awaiting your NKOTB experience post(s)... with an s because there's two shows in your future, you lucky girl.

Laurie said...

PS Oh, I forgot to say, regarding your groupie skills... You have the best weapon of all: Ridiculously cute kids. Put them in the black makeup and who could *possibly* turn down taking pics with them? Honestly!

Shannon said...

I'm guessing that your groupie skills are top notch. You'd probably be able to not only get to meet Alice, but get him do anything you ask. Good luck and I can't wait to hear about it.

Kipluck said...

That is an incredibly cute dog.