Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Corina's Sad Rash Day

When Corina got home from school yesterday, she started crying right away. She told me she felt sick at school, so she pretended she needed to pee so she could go cry privately in the washroom. How sad is that??

So anyway, because she didn't feel well I started to tickle her back. And she hated it, which is sure not her normal reaction. I looked at her back and saw it was covered in a rash. Within about half an hour, the rash was all up on her face.

Here's how she looks now. Her face is so covered in rash that there are almost no non-rashy parts. And look at her poor arms! She's like that from head to toe.
Yes, I took her to the doctor. No, she's not going to die.

Thank Donnie my friend Janelle is watching Corina for me. I hate that I can't do it myself, but I'm scared to take time off work in case I end up sick too. I need to hoard my days.


Bethany said...

A question:

Is it like that on both arms? Or just the right side? If it's only on one side, it might be shingles. I sure hope it's not.

Sad! I'm so sorry, Corina!

Sara said...

We're thinking maybe it's Fifths. We'll find out for sure tonight. Good times! She looks so much worse today.

Michelle said...

Poor Corina!
I hope it is nothing bad, and goes away fast...
Winter saw Corina's picture and said she felt "Very sad in her heart for Corina"

Poor baby :(

Sara said...

Winter, you're the best!

Kristi said...

Poor girl, she looks so miserable. I bet she's feeling awful. Keep us all posted when you find out what it is.