Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween - in the bestest weather ever!

Corina chose to feel lots better today, and so she got to go back to school. Yay! She was a "Magic Princess", as she called it. Cutie. She put this outfit together herself from her dress up clothes.

Max was a goth kid. He looks so obnoxious! I'm ever so grateful he is nothing like this in real life. Oh, and he told me a bunch of the girls at school kept telling him he looked hot today. Noooooooo!
We went trick or treating with Brenden and Wade, as usual. This year we added our new buddy Brandon, and Hirotomo - a Japanese exchange student with a broken leg. He's in Canada for a week and is going to school with the boys. This was his very first Halloween, and he got to do it in a wheelchair. Lucky! Corina changed into her warm unicorn costume, but it is so nice out here this year that she was actually hot. Weird.

Max and Brandon stayed out super late trick or treating after the others went home. Corina and I drove alongside them to make sure no bullies stole my candy. I mean their candy. I mean my candy. Who am I kidding?

Corina's candy mountain. There's no prettier sight.


Amy said...

It was an abnormally beautiful Halloween, loved it.

John-E-Boi said...

What the... Who gives Doritos on Halloween?

Sara said...

Yeah, I've learned since posting my pictures on Facebook that Americans don't give out chips on Halloween. I swear, every second house gives out chips here. Americans are weird!

Melissa said...

Love love love it when Makenna goes hunting for candy for me too! Oh -- and Makenna changed into her warm unicorn costume for the evening as well. Funny!

Jason Randall said...

Corina is so cute and she totally raked in the stash!

Max in makeup looks like you. I mean that not in a 'he's your kid' way, but rather if someone was to be your doppleganger, it'd be Max with eyeliner.

Oh, and I thought you'd like this clip.

Sara said...

Max does look a lot like me in the makeup. He's going to grow up to be a lovely lady.

I do like that clip! I watched it yesterday, but I'll probably watch it now again.