Tuesday, October 07, 2008

My Grandpa

Corina's school is doing a special Remembrance Day presentation. They asked the kids to send in pictures of relatives who were in the army and such, so I asked my Auntie Carol to send me some pictures of my Grandpa, William Rawson. She sent me pictures I've never seen before, and I'm so excited to have them! I love my Grandpa. Loooooove him. He was for sure the kindest man I've ever known. I was with him at the moment he died, which I've always half loved and half hated. I still have a hard time with that whole thing.

Anyway, here's my awesome Grandpa. The caption for this picture said "1942 Bill still has ring and watch - no need to pawn yet". Whaa?? My grandpa had to pawn his ring and watch? There's so much I don't know about him.
Grandpa on the left and Uncle Ab on the right.
Are these articles big enough to read? Very interesting and horrible. My poor Grandma thought he was dead! They talk about the cable he sent to her to tell her he was still alive. It's interesting that even the men in his unit thought they saw him die. To be fair, he was in a tank that blew up...
Grandpa, and my fat face. I had chubby cheeks until I was in my twenties. SO???!!
I've got that big strong jaw and mouth like him. I like that.


Shannon said...

He sounds like a hero. That's a lovely kind of Grandpa to have.

PS. Sometimes I think you are inside my head, Sara. I was going to post a letter from my grandpa the other day. Now I'm going to have to save it for awhile. Thanks a lot.

Steve said...

Man, I wish we knew each other as teenagers!!!! haha.

It's sad that we know and learn so little about our ancestors these days. I've been working with my grandmother on my family history (not church related, but for fun!) and it's amazing. She has given me tons of pics from around the turn of the century. Crazy stuff. I had relatives over in Europe for WW2 too. My great uncle was in Elvis' army unit! He said he was pretty normal and just a nice guy, hahaha.

bequi said...

You look like he did when he was young. Same face shape and stuff.

Crystalbell said...

The pawning may have been due to the depression ... wait, did Canada have that too?

Max is the exact spitting image of you, but just male. And I can definitely see the resemblance of both of you to your Grandpa, mouth and jaw.

Thanks for sharing.

Bethany said...

Did you notice how totally alike you and the picture of Corina below look?

You have the exact same smile on your faces.