Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New shirt. New special toy.

I bought Max a new shirt. It makes me laugh out loud every single time I read it. Sometimes I even cry.

Now this - Corina has a toy dog. She puts water somewhere in it (I haven't checked yet how it actually works) and then the dog licks her. The tongue is actually wet. It drips a tiny bit of water as it licks her. Watch this video.

I have a filthy mind. I'm so ashamed! But I will never play with her toy doggy. I promise.
But really...who makes a toy like that?

(For adults, I mean, and one that isn't a dog. Who makes it?)
I'm kidding!


I'm going to bed now. Alone. Good night.


Kristi said...

I went from snickering to full on laughing. Now my mind is officially corrupt for the day.

Steve said...

They sell similar items at certain stores that I am sure you are able to find not too far from your humble abode in the tundra up there! ;-) Or so I have heard; but seriously, what will they think of next!?!?!

Shannon said...

Filthy animal! You. Not the dog.

Crystalbell said...

I'm tearing up trying to stifle the laughter at work. Thanks for that, I needed it.

brent said...

Uh, you must be a very, very, very, very patient girl.

Steve said...

I think we all know what to get you for Xmas now!!!! ;-)

Oh, and Max a gift cerfiticate at T-Shirt Hell